Imaginary Ordinary.

It's not so random.


back on here, just to tell you that i’m writing again. trying.


He tells you that you are beautiful. You smile and quietly thank him. He admires your knack for handling compliments.

What you don’t tell him are all the thoughts racing through your head. His perceptions are impossible. There is no truth in his word
s. You don’t believe it, so they…

Direk Joyce and Ramon Bautista. #bakithindikacrushngcrushmo
Re-doing my bedroom wall. The Jules et Jim “postcard” was something I photoshopped in 2005 as the cover of my notebook. It’s all faded now, and I wish I still had the original file.
Encore #aerosmith
After the show! Anyone else had loads of fun playing with Aerosmith’s Nine Lives ENHANCED CD a decade and a half ago??
Perry-Tyler magic #aerosmith
AMAZING SHOW. #aerosmith
Dude looks like a lady! #aerosmith
High Street busking